About us

Sinzon Company was founded in1972. It began as a hardware supplier manufacturing gas-related appliance metal parts. In October of the following year, Sinzon Company manufactured its first complete gas burner , and gas rice cooker . In 1973, it entered the local market for gas-related equipment for restaurant kitchens. It now is the leading supplier of this kind of products in Taiwan and its share of the local market exceeds 50%. The company began to export its products in the early 1990s, about 20 years ago.
We can't remember how many often our customers ask for something that we don't manufacture. However, as a member of the Taiwan gas equipment industry, we know many local suppliers who produce high quality parts for us. Therefore, to serve our valuable customers around the world, and to introduce parts that are made by our local manufacturers, we have added those products to our web site. These include hose clamp , iron wok , rice net , and hotel/restaurant kitchen appliance . In addition, we also provide a sourcing service. For other gas-related products that do not appear on our web site, we can search for them in Taiwan on your behalf. For someone who wants to design and manufacture his own gas-related equipment, our experience of more than 30 years in this field and our facilities can help you to make your dream come through. Please contact us for any idea you may have regarding gas-related equipment that you need. We can supply valuable suggestions.